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Domestic Violence and Homelessness is a mishap and an unfortunate . The total number of domestic violence and homeless citizens have increased. Space for living have been cut in half for homeless living an domestic violence. We are truly passionate about what we do in the community. Help us give help those in domestic violence relationships, homeless individuals, and those who are risk.
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New Favour New Visions, Inc
Nonprofit Overview
BUILDING AND EMPOWERING LIVES! New Favour New Visions, Inc. helps positively transform metro Dallas communities in need through key partnerships, financial programs, and mentorships.

Our Mission
To help transform the lives of at-risk, women, children, and families through academic education, health care, and life development skills.

Direct Beneficiaries Per Year:
Over 117 children increased their grades and 12 women enrolled in nursing school.

Geographic Areas Served:
The Dallas/Ft/Worth, Texas Metoplex
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King's Boyz
The Turn Around Domestic Violence Program
King's Boyz
To Men Mentorship Program

Provides children with a safe loving and respectful environment while teaching them to be safe loving and respectful also.
Cathy Riles RN Nursing Scholarship Program
Cathy Riles RN Nursing Scholarship Program

Makes it possible for nursing students to continue in nursing school via scholarships, grants and donations.
Successful Money Habits
Money Habits Program

Seeks to assist the community with proper money habits, saving and spending.
Mary's Kidz
Literacy Program

Aims to select at-risk children with a mentor who will bring positive and productivity to their life year after year.
Mary's Kidz
Domestic Violence / Homeless
Turn Around Program

Assists those in domestic violence relationships, those who are homeless, and/or those who are at risk.
Diamonds Thriving Cancer Network
The Diamonds Thriving
Cancer Network

We are dedicated to providing support in various ways to adults and children who have been diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment.
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