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Non Profit Overview

BUILDING AND EMPOWERING LIVES! New Favour New Visions, Inc. helps positively transform metro Dallas communities in need through key partnerships, financial programs, and mentorships.

Our Mission

We help provide relief to at-risk homeless families and to the homeless.

Our Vision

Disrupt the cycle of homelessness, hunger and poverty.

Our Driving Force

To create opportunities and to serve those in need.
New Favour New Visions, Inc
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New Favour New Visions is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS.
Tax Number:
New Favour New Visions, Inc.
1472 N. Hampton Road
Suite #105
DeSoto, TX 75115 USA

(972) 207-7582 or (214) 558-8413

Communities at risk must be continuously addressed. New Favour New Visions, Inc. has become one of the many voices for at-risk communities. New Favour New Visions, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Cathy "Rene" Riles, RN, a registered nurse for over 20 years. Rene served in various nonprofit organizations and has a passion and desire to assist the people who are in dire situations and need assistance. According to Rene, unemployment, underemployment, high food cost, utilities, and mortgage payments are the main reasons why so many are placed in an at-risk status. The need for assistance remain unremarkable; it takes caring people such as Volunteers, donors, sponsors, businesses/entrepreneurs, and Board of Directors to collaborate and become the voice to make a difference.


New Favour New Visions, Inc. started as an inspiration from a brief encounter with a person in need. While making rounds during her shift at the hospital, Rene Riles overheard a patient crying in her room. The patient was recovering from cardiac surgery and had just received a call informing her to either pay her rent immediately or be evicted from her apartment. Rene knew in her heart that she had to do something, so she decided to take up a collection to assist the patient with her dilemma. In just 2 hours (along with the Nurses and Doctors on duty), she collected enough funds to cover the patient's rent, allowing her to fully recover and heal without the stress of being evicted. The patient was so overwhelmed by the kind gesture of Rene and the hospital staff that she shouted, "I've found "favour" in the donors!" It was at that moment the vision became clear to Rene; she needed to establish a way to help rebuild the lives of at-risk families, women and children through education, healthcare and life development skills. It was at that very moment that such organization was birthed, thus the beginning of the organization's name New Favour New Visions.


New Favour New Visions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides assistance to help "Build and Empower Lives" for disadvantage low income women, children and families who are in need in the communities. At risk is a growing epidemic and it continues to affect hundreds of people on a daily basis. New Favour New Visions provides multiple programs to meet the needs of those who need our help.


New Favour New Visions, Inc. are proud members of GuideStar and GreatNonprofits. We serve low income women and children regardless of their race, color or religion. All donations are tax deductible. With your generous support, New Favour New Visions will be able to continue to serve families in need.

New Favour New Visions, Inc. received an earned acknowledgment DeSoto, Texas Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Award endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz. New Favour New Visions, Inc. was also nominated as the 2015 "Top Five Nonprofits Award" by the Power Organization.
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Cathy Riles:  CEO / Executive Director of NFNV
New Favour New Visions, Inc. Overview

NFNV aims to provide assistance for the community and to educate the community on giving back.

NFNV has partnered with several businesses to help educate the community family with life development skills and health care.

NFNV is capable of serving the community through our programs

We measure our indicators by the number of people we serve and their success.

Our charity has accomplished the given fact of others in the community being successful related to our assistance.
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Donation to New Favour New Visions

By making a financial donation to NFNV, you are helping at-risk women, children, and families to rebuild and empower their lives. Make a financial one-time contribution or become a monthly donor.
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Sponsorship is a way of partnering with NFNV through financial support. We are a non-profit organization based in the metro Dallas communities. We are proud of our Sponsors and welcome you to become a Sponsor today.
Volunteer for New Favour New Visions

We love Volunteers and welcome you to join us for a rewarding experience. As a NFNV Volunteer, you will be helping an organization whose mission is to provide assistance to help rebuild lives of at-risk families, women, and children.